System Administrator Course in the Item Bank (Exam Help)

A course has been developed within the Item Bank specifically for the system administrators within schools.  The materials contain straightforward instructions and illustrations which are easy to follow to complete specific tasks.  The course is under constant development but currently has enough information for anyone to be able to manage the school network.

To visit the course you first need to have an account for the Item Bank.  If you have one already, you simply login then click the System Administration course.  If you do not have an account however, you can create a login for the site.  An email will be send to you after you fill out some information with a link for you to confirm the creation of the account.  Once that is done, you can visit the site, login then access the course.

When you login, you will see all the courses for which items have been created categorized by subject and the system administration course.  To access any of the courses you simply click on the icon for the subject and access will be granted.  The only exception will be the system administration course where an additional password is required.  Once you enter the password for each subject within the course you will never have to enter it again.  Click here to directly access the system administration course.

If you are a system administrator and you do not have the password to gain access to the course, please contact the e-Learning office for assistance.