DSC_1175An important feature of the Project is the standard year-end examinations for grades 7-11 in all  high schools, to ensure a consistent level of assessment of students , and improved performance of schools island-wide.

A central body is engaged in creating and coordinating standardized exams for all high schools.


2014 Grade Nine (pre-CSEC) Diagnostic Tests

The Grade 9 Diagnostic Tests consist of two (2) parts:

  • An Internal Assessment Tasks
  • A Multiple Choice exam in four subjects – Mathematics, English Language, Science and Social Studies.

 The internal Assessment tasks are administered from January 13 to May 23, 2014 and the Grade Nine (pre-CSEC) Diagnostic Tests (Multiple Choice) is scheduled for May 28 & 29, 2014.

 -   Grade 9 Internal Assessments

1.  Mathematics Guidelines for Internal Assessment 

         2. English Language Guidelines for Internal Assessment

           3. Integrated Science Guidelines for Internal Assessment

4. Social Studies Guidelines for Internal Assessment

May 28, 2014 – Mathematics, Social Studies

May 29, 2014 – English, Integrated Science

- 2014 Grade 7 Standardized Tests

The Grade 7 standard tests in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies will be made

available to schools.  The suggested dates for administration are;

                                                                                          June 4, 2014 –  Mathematics, Social Studies

                                                                                         June 5, 2014 –  English, Integrated Science

- Scanner Testing required before 2014 assessment exam

    Testing the functionality of the scanners

Scanner Assesment With PDF (Zip file)

Scanner Assesment With TIF (Zip file)

- Answer Keys 2014

*Available after the examination

- Other Attachments

1.  2014 Grade 7 and 9 Protocol

                  2. 2014 Grade 7 and 9 information Sheet

- Submission of Results

Completed class files with results are to be submitted to before;

                                                                                                        June 1, 2014Grade 9

                                                                                                       June 8, 2014 – Grade 7


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