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Tablets in Schools Request for Educational Resources

The Government of Jamaica, through the e-Learning Jamaica Company Limited invites suppliers to submit information on the availability of e-resources for the early childhood primary and secondary levels for possible use under the Tablets in Schools (TIS) pilot project. The format for submission is outlined below. Note that these should be new resources not yet reviewed by the Ministry of Education. These resources are usually grouped in the categories, click picture for more details.

e-Learning Tablet Mascot Competition

e-Learning Jamaica Company Limited (e-Ljam) congratulate all WINNERS of the e-Ljam Tablet Mascot Competition.

Educational Videos on Youtube

Now you can access over 100 videos on Youtube covering various topics from CSEC subjects including Math, English, Chemistry, Biology and Information Technology. Videos are currently being created for additional subjects such Integrated Science, Physics, Geography, Social Studies, Spanish and Building Technology.

Technology Infrastructure In High Schools

Schools Technology infrastructure was upgraded to provide the means to utilize local and on-line digital learning materials in the most efficient and economical manner. A wide variety of Audio Visual aids was also provided to improve presentation in the classrooms.

What’s Happening in our High Schools

Schools are finding innovative ways to utilize technology provided by the project to engage students and broaden the learning experience. Teachers are collaborating and sharing interesting approaches to teaching and learning.

Educational Resources

A comprehensive set of instructional materials for both teachers and students for grades 10and11 in all eleven (11) CXC CSEC subjects. These are: English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Integrated Science, Resource Technology/Information Technology, Spanish, Geography, Building Technology, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Established in 2005 as an Agency of the Ministry responsible for the Telecommunication portfolio, The e-Learning Jamaica Co. Ltd. is the implementation arm of the USF (Universal Service Fund) for approved interventions, the first of which was the e-Learning Project in the High Schools.  Read more..


To help you stay ahead, the project has provided technology to help both your teacher and you to expand the way you can learn and be successful in your exams.



With limited resources and crowded classrooms, educating our students can be a very challenging task. The e-Learning Project has helped teachers with technology and training to unleash their creativity.



Now parents have the opportunity to encourage their children to use technology in responsible self-development, with access to lessons, assignments, media and contact with teachers and administrators.


e-School Administrators

Planning is improved through support for instruction and assessment with resources for the 10th and 11th grades. Your teachers will have access to pre-prepared documented lesson plans and multimedia.

22nd Aug 2011

System Administrator Course in the Item Bank (Exam Help)

A course has been developed within the Item Bank specifically for the system administrators within schools.  The materials contain straightforward instructions and illustrations which are easy to follow to complete...