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Course categories

e-Ljam System Administrator's Repository12

A. Vocabulary5

B. Grammar and Mechanics4

C. Comprehension2

D. Expression2
Information Technology2

A. Fundamental of Hardware and Software1

B. Problem-Solving and Program Design1

C. Program Implementation1

D. Applications and Implications of Information and Communication Technology1

E. Information Processing 1

F. Word Processing, Presentation & Web Page Design1

G. Spreadsheets1

H. Database Management1

A. Computation2

B. Number Theory2

C. Consumer Arithmetic2

D. Sets2

E. Measurement2

F. Statistics2

G. Algebra 3

H. Relations, Functions and Graphs3

I. Geometry & Trigonometry2

J. Vectors & Matrices2

A. Living Organism in the Environment3

B. Life Processes10

Sexual Reproduction

C. Continuity and Variation2

D. Disease and its Impact on Humans2

E. Environment and Human Activities2
Social Studies6

A. Individual, Family and Support1

B. Sustainable Development and Use of Resources2

C. Options

i. Communication 1

ii. Consumer Affairs1

iii. Tourism1

A. Map Reading and Field Study3

B. Natural Systems6

C. Human Systems2

D. Human-Environment Systems2

A. Home & Family4

B. School & Career4

C. Sports & Recreation4

D. Daily Routine4

E. Shopping4

F. Travel4

A. Physical Measurements and Units3

B. Mechanics6

C. Thermal Physics and Kinetic Energy4

D. Waves and Light7

E. Electricity and Magnetism7

F. The Physics of the Atom4
Integrated Science6

A. The Organism and its Environment7

B. The Home and Workplace7

C. Energy5

A. Principles of Chemistry11

B. Descriptive Chemistry

Organic Chemistry4

Inorganic Chemistry9

C. Chemistry in Society2
Building Technology


Module D1: Safety, Health and Welfare1

Module D2: Preliminary Site Work1

Module D3: Building Material1

Module D4: Foundations1

Module D5: Walls1

Module D6: Floors1

Module D7: Roofs1

Module D9: Stairs1

Module D8: Doors and Windows1

Module D10: Finishes1

Module D11: Related Services1

Module D12: Building Teams & Trades1

Module D 13: The Natural and Built Environment1

Module D 14: Information Communications Technology1

Module D 15: Impact of Technology on Society1


Module C1: Health, Safety and Welfare1

Module C2: Hand Tools and Laying Out1

Module C3: Timber Service1

Module C4: Machine Operation1

Module C5: Drawing and Design1

Module C6: Furniture Construction1

Module C7: Finishing1

Module C8: Upholstery1

Module C9: Information Communications Technology1

Module C10: Impact of Technology on Society1
Special Resources4




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