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Read some testimonials from Principals, Teachers, parents and students associated with the Tablets in Schools (TIS) Project.

The Microsoft Certified Educator Award Ceremony – Kingston and St. Andrew

Recap from the Microsoft Certified Educator Award Ceremony held at the Mico Teachers College. Teachers from Regions ,3, and 6 were awarded for their successful completion of the course.

App of the Week

Every week we bring to you an app that can make being a student, teacher or parent just a little bit easier.

Tablets in Schools (TIS) Page

Visit the Tablets in Schools (TIS) webpage to find out all information on the project.

7 Tips to Keep Your Tablet Protected and Safe

Your Tablet is delicate and valuable, and is therefore in danger of being stolen, lost or damaged. Take care of your Tablet like it was your new Smartphone. Click here for tips on keeping your tablet safe.

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e-learning Jamaica Company | e-learning is Free learning



Students now have a place to learn, practice and watch educational resources that will provide useful information and many areas.



e-teachers               With limited resources and crowded classrooms, educating our students can be a very challenging task. The e-Learning Project has helped teachers with technology and training to unleash their creativity.  




Now parents have the opportunity to encourage their children to use technology in responsible self-development, with access to lessons, assignments, media and contact with teachers and administrators.


e-School Administration

School Administration                  

Planning is improved through support for instruction and assessment with resources for the 10th and 11th grades. Your teachers will have access to pre-prepared documented lesson plans and multimedia.

13th Nov 2015

Training teachers in Microsoft Certification a success

e-Learning Jamaica Company Ltd. is ensuring that the nation’s teachers are equipped with the skills necessary to enable teaching and learning with the use of technology. This is in keeping with...

29th Oct 2015

School management is key to TIS success

If the Tablets in Schools Pilot Project is be successful, principals and school boards must incorporate the project into the management of their schools, says Manley Haye, TIS Project Manager at e-Learning Jamaica Company Ltd (e-LJam).

29th Oct 2015

Tablets provide boost to Rennock Lodge School

Students and teachers at Rennock Lodge All Age and Infant School have taken on an air of confidence following the introduction of the Tablets in Schools Pilot Project last school year. “My teachers have become technology savvy and are now experts at using tablets. They are more confident because they have been through a lot of training, courtesy of e-Learning Jamaica”, Ms. Anderson the acting Principal noted, adding “The tablets have opened doors for both teachers and students. They feel they can do anything that anyone else in the world can do. Attendance and punctuality have improved“.

29th Oct 2015

Charlie Smith eagerly awaits tablets

Charlie Smith High has been added as the 39th institution to be part of the ‘Tablets in Schools (TIS) Pilot Project where students and teachers receive tablet devices.